Cashless & Eco Token



This year we will work with a new payment system:

You don’t need to buy drink tokens anymore, you must pay directly at the bars or food stands.

Just pay cashless and even contactless at every point of sale with your bank card.

The following payment methods are possible: Maestro, Bancontact, Visa and Mastercard.

If you only have cash and you don’t have any of the above types of bank cards with you, you can go to a Prepaid Point and top-up (“put money on”) a Prepaid Card.

The minimum amount to top up a Prepaid Card is 10€

If you want to re-upload your card, the minimum amount is 5€ per top-up.

You can check the balance of your Prepaid Card on every terminal at the bars.

Eco Token


Become part of a cleaner environment and make Rampage more sustainable by recycling our plastic bottles and cans together!
We would like to ask everyone to keep the venue clean and to help us recycle as much as possible.
This is why the “Eco Token” system will be introduced at Rampage.
When entering the venue, you will receive 1 free Eco Token.
Please read carefully how this will work


We chose for the 'eco token' model because the alternative would be using reusable hard cups which would be much more time consuming at the bars and we don’t believe that hard cups are that eco friendly at all.

All cups and bottles need to be returned at the bar because dirty cups that came off the floor are considered to be general waste and can’t go into the recycle stream.

All our cups and bottles are already made from recycled materials and will be fully recycled again.

We collect them in recyclable garbage bags which will go into designated containers that are brought to specialized recycling facilities.

The eco token, which you get from free when entering the event, can be considered a deposit for the recycling.

As long as you bring back your empty bottle or cup, or trade them for an eco token you can use it instead of an empty bottle or cup when ordering a new drink.

It doesn’t cost you anything extra and don’t forget, you are keeping the venue clean and help us recycle, so that’s an awesome contribution for a cleaner environment.

So despite what some people might claim: the eco token system is NOT a profit model for us as an organization, on the contrary.


We will hand out a 100% recyclable flyer with information at the entrance of Rampage!

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