Dear Soldier,

A year ago we had the terrible job of communicating to all our fans, friends and followers that we had to postpone the event we had been working so hard to put on and we were looking forward to so much. Our government slowly started preparing the lockdown and parties were no longer an option. It was devastating.Now we’re a year later and luckily there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations are proving effective, infection and patient numbers are going down and plans for the reopening of society are being rolled out.

Unfortunately, none of it will come soon enough to allow us to put on the Rampage Weekend in april the way we hoped we could. We are still being asked to keep our socials contacts to a minimum, stay at home whenever possible and adhere to a strict hygiene; all of which to help control the virus that has now been plagueing are globe for more than a year.Therefore, we have no other choice but to postpone the event we are looking forward to, once again.

This time however, hopes are higher than ever. While several countries have already opened up and others are well on their way to an exciting summer, we choose to take our precautions and we have now locked in dates on December 10 and 11 of this year, providing enough time for international travel to be on point and all rules and regulations everywhere to be streamlined. We need, of course, to be able to bring people from 70 different countries together in one place!If you have a ticket for the Rampage Weekend, this will automatically be transferred to the new date - you don’t have to do anything at all.

If the new dates don’t work for you, you can still apply for a voucher to be used at any of our events or for merchandise, as you please, contact your Ticket Company down below. Vouchers can be applied for until April 9th 2021. If you booked a hotelroom, this too will be transferred and you will receive a seperate e-mail with all relevant info in the next week or so.If we are still here and still hanging in there, it is only thanks to your continued support and your relentless enthusiasm. All of you, our many Soldiers worldwide, have kept strong and have kept us strong. Your eagerness to get back to the rave and your level of anticipation have ensured Rampage is still here and has strengthened us along the way, to ensure that the events we had planned will happen, even bigger and better than we initially envisioned.In the meantime: stay strong, stay safe and stay sane. We can’t wait to feel that bass in our face again. With all of you!!

Team Rampage

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